Piddi Design has helped brands build retail spaces and architectural environments for over 60 years.


Our clients know we deliver customized solution with operational excellence.

Piddi gets the work done

You’re going to work 24 hours a day and it’s a week of gruelling work on site. You don’t work with somebody that’s not used to that. You work with companies that excel at that because that’s the norm, that’s just the way it is and we’ve got to be ready.

Arden Nerling — Mercedes Benz

Exactly the way I want it

They ensure everything is done perfectly, exactly the way I want it.

Julie Ebanks — Siemens

We both care about quality

We’re at the sweet spot with Piddi that they’re big enough to do the stage above what we can do, but small enough that we can still be humans and work together. We both care about the quality of output.

Michael Gingerich — Mawg Design

Where Brand
Meets Build

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