As a fabricator, we acknowledge that the work we do can have an impact on the environment. We also recognize the importance of minimizing our energy consumption and impacts on greenhouse gas emissions. Inspired by the concept of circularity, we are working towards improving our actions on sustainability with an awareness about the choices we make when running our business, reducing our overall waste, implementing recycling in our day-to-day operations and imparting those values to our employees though training and actionable policies.

Across Our Workplace

  • Energy-efficient equipment and LED lighting in our office.
  • Motion-sensor lighting to reduce energy use.
  • We recycle cardboard, laptops and digital equipment.
  • Employee 'Work From Home' program reduces commuter emissions.

Fabricating With Care

  • Our energy efficient large format printer uses 100% recycled material and recycled ink.
  • We use UL ECOLOGO and UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified inks.
  • 3-dimensional renders and detailed engineer drawings reduce rebuilds and waste.
  • We source sustainable materials such as bamboo whenever possible.

Second Life for Materials

  • We contract waste and recycling companies to dispose of our hazardous waste though environmentally safe and conscientious methods.
  • We reuse materials returned to our shop whenever possible.
  • Metal materials are carefully separated and deposited to a specialized recycling location for reuse.

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